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Kia KX3 Seltos Sales Figures

Kia KX3 Seltos

The KX3 Seltos was launched in 2019 in China as a replacement to the Kia KX3. The Seltos is also produced and sold in India, as well as produced in South-Korea for its home market and international markets (including the US), but while these versions all look quite similar, there are some differences in size. The Chinese Seltos has the following dimensions: 4.345×1.800×1.645mm with a wheelbase of 2.630mm, the version for the US and South-Korea is 3 centimeters longer and 1,5cm lower at 4.375×1.800×1.615×2.630mm with the same wheel base. The lower height could be related to not calculating the roof rails, though. The Seltos in India on the other hand is 3 centimeters shorter than the Chinese version (and 6cm shorter than the international version) and the same height as the Chinese model: 4.315×1.800×1.645mm with a 2 centimeters shorter wheel base of 2.610mm.

Kia KX3 Seltos China Sales Data & Charts

Year Sales Units
2019 7,414
2020 44,660
2021 21,541
2022 4,826