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Bare bones specifications show Honda’s maximinivan to be more capacious and capable than more expensive crossover alternatives. Forget what you believe about soccer moms and the minivan image: the Odyssey is, in essence, a pure family vehicle.
Which is not to say the Honda is without fault. For starters, Honda wants a lot of your money if you want this much space and content. Moreover, to achieve this much people/cargo capacity, Honda had to stretch the wrapper. Know what wrapper-stretching achieves? Weight gain. Odysseys can touch 4,693 pounds. That’s a big reason for the MPG figure that barely matches or is worse than some traditional large SUVs.
Attend thine ear to this fact while you’re here against your will reading about the best minivan available. At the same time some people complain about the price of the Honda Odyssey, others buy it. Those buyers discover an interior that merges utility and quality; and does so in a simple yet classy way. How Honda-like.
Driving the Odyssey reveals other truths – it’s not fun, but boy…. it’s not bad. Fear not, Odyssey owners aren’t cooler than you. They’re just smarter than you.

Engines: 244 horsepower and 240 (or 245 lb-ft with VCM) from a 3.5L V6

City Mileage: 16-17 miles per gallon
Base USD Price: $26,255
Cargo Capacity: 147.4 cubic feet behind front row
Towing Capability: 3,500 pounds