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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, and for the next twelve days, to witness the unveiling of twelve vehicles with high roofs. These vehicles have been specially hand-picked by The Good Car Guy as the SUVs, trucks, vans, crossovers, CUVs, and SUTs that North Americans should be driving in 2009. If, that is, the cars found in The Good 12 v2.0 are not capable of handling one’s lifestyle.

Though it would be easy and rather glorious to showcase twelve of the finest family vehicles on the face of the Earth, sport-utes like the supercharged Range Rover or extended-wheelbase Cadillac Escalade, many variables must be taken into consideration. Firstly, to gain entry to this, The Good 12 Supersize, the base MSRP in U.S. dollars for any and all must be less than $72,000. Secondly, not everyone has $71,000 to spend. Thirdly, hates dullness. Finally, because The Good Car Guy appreciates well-rounded automobiles, must also manifest a well-rounded repertoire.
Why twelve? Last year, The Good 12 began with twelve cars, of course. This year, The Good 12 v2.0 continued the tradition. How could we break free from that? Besides, surely there must be twelve vehicles that are not cars that could be recommended, not only one, as publications with SUVOTY competitions hold forth.
Thus, from today, the 20th of December until New Year’s Eve, one vehicle per day will be released to The Good Car Nation with reasoning, a brief spec list, and well-deserved accreditation. Stick around. And check back on New Year’s Day for The Bad 8 v2.0 and The Bad 8 Supersize, when the vehicles you should avoid are introduced in this space.