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One of three Audi ‘coupes’ now available, the TT remains a design icon even if the second generation isn’t revolutionary like the first. The latest TT is available with turbo four power or as a V6. Though it may sound strange, it’s recommended by GoodCarBadCar and many others that buyers seek out the 4-cylinder model. Power is plentiful, the MSRP is an easier pill to swallow, and the balance of the vehicle as a whole is more suitable for a sporting car. Speaking of which, ‘sporting nature’ is where the new TT outdoes the old; and soundly. Audi doesn’t sell a Porsche Boxster yet, and the TT is no R8, but driving enjoyment is present and accounted for. In addition to the consistent ability to positively affect the eyes.


Engines: 200 or 250 horsepower, 207 or 236 lb-ft of torque from 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder or 3.2LV6.

Mileage: City high = 23mpg. City low = 17mpg.

Base USD Price: $34,800

Anything Else? Audi builds a TT roadster as well, where weight is gained and beauty is lost.