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GCBC Goes Quiet For One Week

2014 Audi S4

We work hard to bring you as much North American auto sales information as we can, free of charge, every day, every week, every month.

And while many believe that this operation involves the work of countless minions who adhere to a strict editor-issued regimen of data entry, GCBC is basically just a Mom and Pop outfit. 

Between my responsibilities at this site which we founded eight years ago and work at Bell Media’s, Vertical Scope’s The Truth About Cars, and Trader Corporation’s, few in number are the days off. Rarer still is a proper vacation. The last time I took a week was in May 2011. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tired.

Thus, next week, goes quiet. 

That doesn’t mean the whole site won’t be fully accessible, because it will, as always. You’ll still be able to check out every vehicle’s sales tracking page, every best seller list ever compiled, every review we’ve ever published, and most importantly, the most current information from the United States and Canada. Moreover, the @GoodCarBadCar Twitter feed will still be active, and we’ll attempt to tweet anything important from Prince Edward Island, as well.

Greenwich PEI

It’s safe to assume that readers of this specific post only took the time to read these few words because you’re a loyalist, a valued GCBC audience member, a faithful follower. We would like to take the time to thank you most especially. Of course we treasure new readers – growth is essential. But the dedication shown to this site by you, long-time reader, is more appreciated than you can know. 

Yes, I feel like I deserve a break. But yes, I’ll be back responding to your emails at the beginning of September; attempting to fulfill your every wish; trying my very best to make this site what you want it to be… after biking the Confederation Trail, perhaps jumping off a bridge at Basin Head, eating pizza at Rick’s in St. Peters, and making sure our dog doesn’t break any rules by climbing the dunes in Greenwich.