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Had the car you see in pictures below been the original McLaren-Mercedes SLR, Daimler would likely be able to more rightfully suggest that the SLR was “highly successful”. In truth, the McLaren SLR was limited from the get-go by Mercedes management’s demands for specific capabilities. The main result was a confused and ugly car. Supercar or grand tourer? Why is the SLR’s snout wickedly prodigious?

Imagine the impact a design like this Stirling Moss edition. Stirling Moss’s 50s racer won race after race in Europe and abroad. That 300 SLR needn’t have possessed excessive power because it wasn’t fitted with every luxury known to man.
This McLaren SLR Stirling Moss speedster will be limited to 75 units. Manufacturing will begin this summer. No, it’s not pretty. But at least it’s delicate, something that could never be said of the regular SLR McLaren. Check out all 49 photos below.