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Buick stepped up to the plate with the Enclave and…. hit a triple. The Good Car Guy is reluctant to hand out home runs, even for Good 12 Supersize winners. How did General Motors do it? Ah, it was elementary: perceived quality, high-class design, and serene road manners. While nobody is going out in a limb and predicting the 2010 Buick LaCrosse (probably 2010 Buick Allure in Canada) is going to be anything more than a double or a Good 12 v3.0 winner, Buick is clearly onto something here. 

The LaCrosse is based on the Chinese Invicta concept. China, do recall, is Buick’s largest market. Yes, larger even than the United States of America. Horsepower will start out around 255 horsepower and rise to 280 horsepower in the top-of-the-line CXS which features GM’s known 3.6L direct injection V6. 255 horses in the CX and CXL are generated by a direct injection 3.0L. 
Buick feels safe in predicting 20 stars from NHTSA’s crash tests. Six-speed automatics are everywhere. If Buick matches the competition in areas such as safety, performance, and quality, doesn’t the competition still win based on preconceptions? Perhaps not – just look at the pictures.
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