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Citroën E-Mehari debuts, confuses… [w/ Poll]

Last week (I really need to start writing these articles on time!) Citroën revealed the E-Mehari, a sort of electric buggy that is sort of a followup to the iconic, 2CV-based Mehari… If you haven’t guessed yet, I still haven’t really figured out what this car stands for. On one hand it is released by Citroën, a brand that has been on a good run turning interesting concepts into production cars. On the other, it is co-developed with Bolloré Group, the maker of the Bluecar, an electric city-vehicle that only really sells to French car-sharing schemes. It’s not even built on one of Citroën’s own platforms, but instead is just a slightly remodeled Bolloré Bluesummer, with which it shares a 30kWh lithium polymer battery pack, making it less substantial than a “real” car.  The release was accompanied with precious few pictures, as though the company was ashamed to show the interior. Like I said, I am confused…

But, confusion aside, the big question is whether an open-top, four-seat electric quasi-buggy with a 68mph/110km/h top speed has any chance in the marketplace. It certainly is unique, though that did not exactly help the hapless C3 Pluriel. Plus, Citroën certainly did itself no favors by showing off the arguably much more attractive Cactus M Concept earlier this year. But I’m really interested to hear what you all think:

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