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Chevrolet Camaro recalled for loose stickers

Camaro-recall-sun-visorLess than one week after my article on the 8 weirdest auto recalls ever, General Motors announced a recall that would have passed the bar to make it the 9 weirdest auto recalls ever:

GM is recalling a certain number of 2013 and 2014 model year Chevrolet Camaro Coupes because the required air bag warning label on the sun visor may peel off. This label  warns occupants of a vehicle that the airbag can hit them in the face and hurt them in the process of saving their lives. It’s like you don’t want the life guard to give your drowning child mouth-to-mouth resuscitation because of his garlic breath.

“If the air bag warning label detaches from the visor, the driver and front seat passenger may not be warned of the risks of air bag deployment, increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash. The customer will be provided the option of inspecting the label on each of the sun visors for proper adhesion and provide a return mailing to GM. If customers are uncomfortable performing the inspection, or if the label has fallen off or has started to peel off the sunshade, they should contact their dealer for the inspection/replacement.”

Wow, I’m shocked they don’t even advice owners not to drive their vehicles anymore, since it the vehicles are in violation of Federal Safety Standards. What if someone gets into an accident on their way to the dealer and get a bloody nose from the airbag instead of crashing head first out the windscreen? Are they going to sue GM for failing to properly warn them of the dangers of crashing their car?

Do-Not-Remove-This-StickerThe problem with warning stickers is that nobody ever reads them anyhow, even when they are as in-your-face like the ones on you sun visor. To be honest, they’re an eyesore, with their fluorescent yellow color on an otherwise beautifully black or grey interior. In fact, the internet is filled with DIY instructions on how to remove those ugly stickers. And just in case the manufacturer is so concerned with your safety that the stickers can’t be removed without damaging the sun visor, some smart people are making a business of selling European spec sun visors to North American owners looking for an uncluttered view from the front seats.

That’ll cause some discussion at the Chevrolet parts desk: “Hi, I’m here for the replacement sun visors for my Camaro. Can I get the Euro-spec version without those annoying stickers?”