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If you’ve been an active member of The Good Car Nation this morning, you already know which car sits at the top of this list. Follow that link back to learn more about Boomerang Tracking and read below to learn about the most stolen vehicles in Canada. Since loves Top 5 lists and Boomerang provides the Top 10, hear ye this: the ’94 Dodge Shadow/Plymouth Sundance hatchback is likely part of the list because of its, shall we say, lack of security. Audi’s 2000 TT Quattro sits at #9. The ’98 Acura Integra is in the #8 spot. Numbers 7, 6, and 5 belong to variants of the ’94 Dodge Caravan. 

#4 – ’94 ACURA INTEGRA: Loved by every tuner and appreciated by all for its quality, the Integra was a stellar car with multiple positive characteristics.
#3 – ’04 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX & WRX STI: Early in its North American life, this turbocharged Japanese rally rocket was about as desirable a real-world car as could be found on the continent. Apparently thieves feel the same way as the rest of us.
#2 – ’00 HONDA CIVIC SIR: While we joined with the Americans in naming the current Civic Si the, er… Civic Si; the previous generations were stuck with SiR north of the 49th. The good ol’ Honda double wishbone front suspension with a high-revving inline-four that made VTEC a household brand was ripe for modification. This Civic was simply a very good car. So good in fact that slightly older models were ripe for thievery as well.
#1 – ’99 HONDA CIVIC SIR: With prices for stock SiRs around $10,000 for a 10 year old car and not likely to budge anytime soon, one can understand – and still blame – auto thieves proclivity for jacking this Honda.