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The Bad 8 v4.0 Part 6 – Lincoln MKT


The Lincoln MKT is one of the planet’s only vehicles, if not the only vehicle, with a cold. You know the kind: gradually appearing symptoms, sore throat, mild chest discomfort, plenty of sneezing, a batch of sinus pain, and a terrible runny nose.

Of course, the Lincoln’s focus is on the nasal passageway. But first, look at its horrible posture above the rear wheel. MKT has a cold, it’s tired, it can’t stand up the way vehicles were meant to stand up. Those full-width taillamps are big so you can hear the MKT telling you, “Stay away, you don’t want to catch this cold.” Dual exhausts are simply more orifices through which germs can flow. 

At any rate, the main problem is that detestable nose. Last year, identified the ideal buyer of the 2010 Lincoln MKT as a small-nosed person who’s trying to make up for their nasally-challenged status with their choice of vehicle. Yet each extra MKT appearing on North American roads manages to shine a light on the MKT’s medical problem. That’s not just a snout, it’s a snout that only happens to be shaped this way because the MKT’s sinuses are clogged. 

We all know what happens when sinuses are clogged…. that’s right, the nose starts running and the Lincoln MKT is forced to scamper madly off in all directions looking for a kleenex. No otherwise-decent vehicle should be designed with such an embarrassingly aberrant element.


Alternatives: Buick Enclave, Ford Flex, golfing in socks and sandals.

Base USD/CAD Price: $44,200 / $51,500

Improvements Required: There are numerous aspects of the MKT that need changing, but a simple nose job could cure many an ill. Take the Ford Flex, as an example. Sharing a platform with the MKT, the Flex has a squared-off front end that masks the vehicle’s gargantuan dimensions.

Historical Significance: Lincoln hit the nail on the proverbial head in 1997 with the Navigator, a full-size SUV based on Ford’s pickups, just like the Expedition. Who knew luxury car customers would be so interested in gigantic sport-utility vehicles? Not Cadillac, that’s for sure. Time has passed, the Lincoln Navigator isn’t as popular as it once was. It still sports a cleaner look than the newer big Lincoln and is out-selling the MKT in America, as well.