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Japanese luxury automaker and Honda subsidiary Acura has decided to bring it. Design is a funny thing. If you want some people to love the appearance of your car (or living room or architecture), others are likely going to hate the very same design. 

The 2009 TL in its most powerful form, with a 300+bhp V6 and all-wheel drive, will divide opinion. Early shots show the middle Acura sedan in that typical concept anthracite grey, a colour that always ups the aggression; especially when mated to a grille that shares little or nothing with any competing car.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz has released images and information related to its most powerful SL ever. You can safely ignore the dreadfully ugly SLR McLaren. In fact, you can forget dropping the top. Along with other factors (like a carbon fiber) the SL65 AMG Black Series saves 551 pounds by losing its retractable hardtop. It’s still hard; just not retractable. You’ve seen Mercedes do this trick before with the excellent SLK55 AMG Black.
12 cylinders make for powerful engines. Turbocharging ups the power of any engine. Twin-turbocharging takes engines to another level. Mercedes-Benz, then, twice turbocharges its 6.0L V12. 661 horses gallop to the same beat, torque stands at 738 lb-ft. Alarmingly, the 5-speed automatic can’t handle the torque that this engine can release, or else you’d see a lb-ft figure of 885.
U.S. prices will be around $320,000. Mercedes-Benz will bring 200 SL Blacks to America, 150 are allotted for the rest of the planet.