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Acura TLX Sales Figures

U.S & Canada Auto Sales for Acura TLX

Here you will find Canadian and U.S. sales figures for the Acura TLX. The Acura TLX is Acura’s mid-size luxury sedan . Launched in 2014 it replaced the TL and TSX. Acura likes to promote tech and everyday luxury as the selling point of its models so it isn’t a surprise the TLX offers front-wheel drive with rear-wheel steering or torque-vectoring all-wheel drive to enhance its agility as well as a long list of cool additional tech and electronic driving aids found on much more expensive cars. Each month we compile Acura TLX model sales data and reports for the major North American markets and analyze it. We look at annual sales figures, cars sold each month and add expert analysis so you can see how Acura TLX model is performing in terms of sales success.

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Our Take On The Numbers
Annual Acura TLX Sales – Total (table, chart)
Acura TLX Sales Growth Rates
Monthly Acura TLX Sales
Monthly Sales – U.S (table, chart)
Monthly Sales – Canada (table, chart)

If you want more data, we also compile sales data and figures for the entire Acura brand as well as other specific models like Acura ILXAcura NSXAcura RDXAcura RLXAcura TLX, Acura MDX. The new Acura TLX, was a replacement for the TL and TSX. Don’t forget to see the Acura TLX compared with its rivals in the monthly small and midsize luxury car sales charts on

Our Take On Acura TLX Sales Numbers

The Acura TLX is positioned as the luxury sedan that’s roomy, comfortable and packed with lots of tech and features for a screaming price compared to the German brands. Based on the Honda Accord platform the TLX is bigger than most of its competition in the segment. With the V6 engine and all-wheel drive this is a lot of car for $35,000 (base model is $32,000).

Acura TLX Annual Sales Figures

Acura TLX Sales Figures – By Year

This sales table of Acura TLX cars sold in the United States and Canada is helpful in seeing how annual sales stack up for the brand. Note that this table is sortable and that it fees the chart below. You can easily change the chart by filtering and sorting the below table.

Year sold
2014 19,127
2015 47,080
2016 37,156
2017 34,846
2018 30,468
2019 26,548
2020 21,785
2021 26,100
2022 11,508

Monthly Acura TLX Sales Reports

Acura TLX U.S Sales Reports – by Month


Acura TLX Canada Sales Reports – by Month

Year sold
2013 111
2014 1,828
2015 5,075
2016 3,062
2017 3,205
2018 2,397
2019 2,873
2020 2,650
2021 1,781
2022 979

Acura TLX Canada Sales Reports – by Year

Other Acura Sales Reports

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Automotive Data Source: Automakers & ANDC.

Data Notes: The new Acura TLX, was a replacement for the TL and TSX.