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2023 U.S Minivan Sales Figures By Model (With Rankings)

Sales Figures & Rankings for Minivan Sold in the United States

2023 Best Selling Minivan In the United States (All Models Ranked)

The minivan vehicle segment in the US has been declining in recent years, but it remains an important part of the automotive market. In 2022, minivans accounted for just 3.6% of new vehicle sales in the US, down from 6.6% in 2016. Despite the decline in sales, the minivan segment remains an important part of the US automotive market. Minivans are still a popular choice for families who need a spacious and versatile vehicle. Minivans are also known for their safety features and reliability.

A number of automakers have introduced hybrid and electric minivans in recent years. These minivans offer better fuel efficiency than traditional gasoline-powered minivans. Automakers are investing heavily in autonomous driving technology, and they are expected to release self-driving minivans in the coming years. Minivans are well-suited for autonomous driving, as they are typically larger and heavier than passenger cars. The luxury minivan market is growing in the US, and a number of automakers now offer luxury minivans. Luxury minivans offer a higher level of comfort, performance, and features than traditional minivans.

Here Are The Most Popular Minivans in the U.S for 2023

This data table looks at last month’s total minivan sales volumes in the United States by model. We compare U.S market minivan sales for last month with the same month last year. We also include the year to date sales numbers and compare with the same year to date numbers from last year. With both monthly and YTD sales numbers we have a growth rate column so you can better gauge an individual minivan sales success in the U.S market.

Model Month Month LY Change YTD YTD LY YTD Change
Kia Carnival 3,588 3,029 18.45 13,126 10,160 29.19
Honda Odyssey 7,325 7,314 0.15 24,718 27,216 -9.18
Toyota Sienna 5,995 4,768 25.73 22,069 15,255 44.67
∑ = 16,908 ∑ = 15,111 ∑ = 59,913 ∑ = 52,631

2023 U.S Quarterly Minivan Sales Numbers

This data table looks at quarterly sales performance for the minivan segment in the United States. It includes all major minivan models sold in the U.S market. We compare last quarter’s minivan U.S sales at the model level with the same minivan model sales quarter last year. We also include a growth rate too so you can see which minivan models are growing and which ones are declining. The quarterly view of minivan sales at the model level often gives you a better picture of what is happening than monthly because it takes out some of the month to month noise.

2023 New Minivan Sales Data by Month in the U.S

This sales data table looks at monthly sales performance for the minivan segment in the United States on a month to month basis for the entire year so far. It includes all major minivan models sold in the U.S market and you can see that the monthly minivan sales trends clearly. Seeing the individual minivan model sales performance in this way gives you a good sense of the momentum (good or bad).