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Xpeng P5 Sales Figures

Xpeng P5 Sales Data & Trends

The P5 is a compact electric sedan, the third car from the Xpeng brand which makes internet connected EVs, after the G3 crossover and the P7 midsized sedan. The P5 is the first mass-production vehicle worldwide equipped with lidar technology for Advanced Driver Assist Systems.

The P5 is powered by an electric motor with 155kW and 310Nm of torque. It’s available with three battery sizes: 55.9kWh with 460km of range, 66.2kWh with 550km of range and 71.4kWh with 600km of range. There are also three different versions of driver assistance, ranging from none, to XPILOT 3.0 and XPILOT 3.5.

Dimensions are 4.808/1.840/1.530mm with a wheelbase of 2.768mm. Prices range from 157,900 yuan (€ 21.200,- / US$24,700) for the version with 460km of range and no driver assist to 223,900 yuan (€ 30.000,- / US$35,000) for the version with 600km of range and the full lidar package. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 starts at 251,000 yuan and the cheapest NIO ES6 crossover costs 358,000 yuan. Domestic mainstream rivals are the BYD Qin Pro New Energy (136,900 to 204,900 yuan), GAC Aion S (139,600 to 205,800 yuan), JMEV Yi (139,800 to 195,800 yuan) and Roewe ER6 (155,800 to 200,800 yuan).

Xpeng P5 Europe Sales Data & Charts

Europe Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2021 7,865
2022 19

Europe Annual Growth