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Voyah Free Sales Figures

Voyah Free

The Voyah Free is the first model of the newly launched luxury New Enegry Vehicles sub-brand by Dongfeng. It’s a 7-seater crossover that comes in both EV and EREV (Extended Range EV) versions, the latter to rival the LI One.

The power of the Voyah Free EREV version comes from a 500kW and 1,000Nm electric motor assisted by a 1.5 liter turbo 4-cylinder range extender with 80kW which will never directly power the wheels but act purely as a generator for the 33kWh battery. The NEDC cruising range is 860km and the pure electric range is 140km. It accelerates from 0-100km in 4.6s and the maximum speed is 200km/h.

The pure electric model is available in RWD or 4WD configuration, both with 88kWh batteries. The 4WD is equipped with dual front and rear motors with a combined maximum power of 510kW and peak torque of 1040Nm. It has an NEDC cruising range of 505km (RWD) or 475km (4WD), and it accelerates from 0-100kmin 4.8 seconds.

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