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Mercedes-Benz Metris Sales Figures

Mercedes-Benz Metris

The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a mid-sized van manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. Available in both passenger and cargo van configurations, the Metris is designed for a wide range of commercial and personal applications. The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a commercial van that has been in production since 2016. It is based on the Mercedes-Benz Vito van that is sold in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz Metris Overview

The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a versatile mid-sized van that caters to a variety of needs, whether transporting passengers or goods. Its balance between size and functionality makes it a practical choice for small businesses, shuttle services, or families needing extra space. With options to suit different requirements and a reputation for quality and reliability, the Metris reflects Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to serving both commercial and private customers. As with other vehicles, it’s advisable to consult specific information for the particular version of the Metris you’re interested in, as details may vary by model year and market.

The Metris is available in two body styles: cargo van and passenger van. The cargo van has a large cargo area that can be configured for a variety of purposes. The passenger van can seat up to 12 people. The Metris is powered by a 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 engine that produces 188 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. It is mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The Metris is praised for its spacious cargo area, comfortable ride, and fuel efficiency. It is also praised for its standard safety features, which include forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning. However, the Metris has been criticized for its high price tag, which starts at $35,430. It has also been criticized for its lack of standard features, such as a rearview camera and a sunroof.

Mercedes-Benz Metris Sales Figures

Through February 2016, U.S. Metris figures were included in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter’s total.

Mercedes-Benz Metris U.S Sales Data & Charts

US Monthly Sales

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2016 4,701
2017 7,579
2018 7,800
2019 11,718
2020 12,994
2021 13,054
2022 17,656
2023 23,286
2024 642

US Annual Growth

Mercedes-Benz Metris Canada Sales Data & Charts

Canada Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2015 411
2016 1,140
2017 1,777
2018 1,575
2019 1,137
2020 839
2021 924

Canada Annual Growth