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Toyota IQ Sales Figures

Toyota IQ

The Toyota iQ, introduced in the late 2000s, was a city car that aimed to provide a compact yet premium driving experience. It was notable for its innovative design and efficient use of space. The iQ was marketed as a premium city car, offering high-end features and finishes in a subcompact package.

Toyota IQ Overview

The Toyota iQ was unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show and went on sale in 2008. One of the primary design goals was to produce a compact car that could comfortably seat four adults, which Toyota termed a “3+1” seating layout. This means the car typically seats three adults and perhaps a child or luggage in the fourth position. In Europe, the car was sold as the Toyota iQ. In North America, a variant of the iQ was sold under Toyota’s Scion brand as the Scion iQ.

The iQ was discontinued in the early 2010s. While it was innovative and unique, the market for such a premium compact car was limited. It was only available in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Toyota IQ Sales Figures

Toyota IQ Europe Sales Data & Charts

Europe Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2008 40
2009 44,282
2010 23,313
2011 12,955
2012 9,245
2013 5,462
2014 3,593
2015 292
2016 172
2017 2
2018 3

Europe Annual Growth