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Tesla Inc Sales Figures – US Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Tesla Inc Sales in the United States

Monthly Sales Data
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Annual Sales Data

Tesla Inc U.S Total Sales

This is your hub for the entire Tesla Inc sales data for the U.S market.

Tesla Inc Monthly Sales Data

Below we have a table that shows Tesla Inc sales for the United States automotive market, but this time it is broken out by month. This is on a unit basis. This is Tesla Inc new vehicle sales in the US.

Tesla Inc Yearly Sales & Growth

Below is the unit volume sales and unit growth rate for the Tesla Inc company in the United States.

Tesla Inc Annual Sales and Market Share

Below we have a table that shows Tesla Inc sales volumes for the US automotive market. This data captures all Tesla Inc vehicle sales.

Year Sales YOY Change US Marketshare Marketshare Change
2015 18,742 0.00 0.11 0.00
2016 26,725 42.59 0.15 29.49
2017 50,067 87.34 0.29 47.50
2018 197,517 294.51 1.14 74.49
2019 195,125 -1.21 1.15 0.53
2020 292,902 50.11 1.99 42.48
2021 223,302 0.00 1.91 0.00