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Suzuki S-Cross Sales Figures

Suzuki S-Cross

The Suzuki S-Cross was introduced in 2013 as a replacement to the Suzuki SX4 in some European markets, while in other markets they are sold alongside each other, as the S-Cross is larger than the SX4. While the original SX4 was a joint venture between Suzuki and Fiat (which led to the Fiat Sedici), the S-Cross is solely a Suzuki product.

Suzuki S-Cross Overview

The Suzuki S-Cross, also known as the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross in some markets, is a compact crossover SUV by the Japanese automaker Suzuki. Introduced as a successor to the older SX4 in 2013, the S-Cross was aimed at the rapidly growing compact SUV segment. While the original Suzuki SX4 was a compact car available in both sedan and hatchback forms, with the hatchback having a distinct crossover-esque design, the new S-Cross transitioned fully into the crossover SUV segment.

The S-Cross features a modern design with characteristic SUV elements such as elevated ground clearance, roof rails, and a prominent front grille. Over the years, it has received design updates to keep it fresh and in line with contemporary aesthetics.

The S-Cross has been offered with various engines, including petrol and diesel options, depending on the market. Common engine choices have included a 1.0L Boosterjet petrol, a 1.4L Boosterjet petrol, and a 1.6L diesel. Both manual and automatic transmissions have been available, and while it’s predominantly a front-wheel-drive vehicle, Suzuki has offered an all-wheel-drive version, called the “AllGrip,” in certain markets and trims.

Suzuki S-Cross Sales Figures

The Suzuki S-Cross has been well-received in various markets, particularly in regions where compact SUVs are popular. Its mix of practicality, affordability, and features makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a versatile vehicle without breaking the bank. It has been especially popular in European markets and has helped bolster Suzuki’s presence in the SUV and crossover segments.

Suzuki S-Cross Europe Sales Data & Charts

Europe Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2013 8,985
2014 39,070
2015 29,087
2016 23,185
2017 31,764
2018 31,577
2019 36,154
2020 20,776
2021 25,261
2022 29,897

Europe Annual Growth

Suzuki S-Cross China Sales Data & Charts

China Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2013 1,627
2014 42,926
2015 30,812
2016 11,851
2017 14,864
2018 5,436
2019 1,470
2020 210

China Annual Growth