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Renault Kangoo Sales Figures

Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo is a versatile and practical vehicle introduced by the French automaker Renault. Primarily known for its role in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment, the Kangoo has been a popular choice for businesses and individuals needing a spacious and adaptable vehicle. Its design emphasizes utility and functionality, and it has been produced in both commercial and passenger versions.

Renault Kangoo Overview

The Renault Kangoo was first introduced in 1997 as a replacement for the Renault Express. Over the years, it has been one of Renault’s top sellers in the light commercial vehicle segment.

The original Kangoo was characterized by its boxy design and vast interior space. Available in both commercial panel van versions and passenger variants, it was well-received for its practicality and affordability. The second-generation Kangoo brought a more modern design, improved safety features, and enhanced driving dynamics. The range was expanded to include the Kangoo Express for commercial use and the Kangoo Compact, a shorter version. There’s also the Kangoo Z.E., an all-electric version.

One of the Kangoo’s standout features is its adaptability. The rear seats can be folded or removed to increase cargo space. The wide-opening rear doors and a low loading sill make it easy to load bulky items. Over the years, the Kangoo has been equipped with various convenience and safety features, such as sliding side doors, a touchscreen infotainment system, and driver assistance systems.

Renault Kangoo Sales Figures

Due to its practical nature and versatility, the Kangoo has been a favorite among small businesses, tradespeople, and families needing a spacious vehicle. Its competitive pricing and low running costs have further cemented its position in the market. Beyond Europe, the Kangoo has been sold in various markets worldwide, sometimes under different names or brands. For example, in some markets, it has been sold under the Mercedes-Benz brand as the “Citan,” a result of the collaboration between Renault and Daimler.

Renault Kangoo Europe Sales Data & Charts

Europe Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
1999 77,630
2000 71,811
2001 64,978
2002 70,134
2003 66,294
2004 70,049
2005 60,399
2006 51,719
2007 41,317
2008 53,832
2009 42,734
2010 39,216
2011 35,708
2012 27,250
2013 22,100
2014 22,971
2015 21,525
2016 20,646
2017 23,165
2018 20,375
2019 13,995
2020 8,838
2021 7,856
2022 13,512

Europe Annual Growth