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Poll result: Audi Q2 was your most disappointing production car of Geneva 2016!

To no one’s surprise our readers have named the Audi Q2 the most disappointing production car of Geneva 2016. Of course, this is not the same thing as calling the Q2 a “bad” car – Audi is probably incapable of making a car that’s outright bad right now – rather, it’s a car that could have, or even should have been so much better. With a styling that’s both conservative and seemingly under-resolved, a standard 5-door body and size that positions it alongside the older, but arguably more attractive Q3, and a complete lack of a “want it” factor, the Q2 seems like a giant missed opportunity for Audi to, for once, get ahead of their arch-rivals at BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

In second, third and fifth spots are cars that also made my list of 5 most disappointing production cars from Geneva: the underwhelming VW Phideon, the ugly-as-sin SsangYong Tivoli XLV, and the wannabe-premium Ford Vignale Editions. However, your opinion diverged from mine in the fourth spot, where you put the Seat Ateca. While I too think the Ateca could have been more adventurous-looking than how it turned out, I still find the end product attractive-enough to want to buy it, which in my books keeps it from being an outright disappointment. But, I understand why many of you feel otherwise, as I understand why many of you think the Toyota C-HR deserves to make it to sixth spot on this list – it is definitely a Marmite kind of car (you either love it, or hate it).

Below is the full list of results, enjoy: