Eleven automotive brands compete in the luxury segment in the United States. These eleven brands represent eight (more like nine) conglomerates, all of which posted declining luxury car sales in 2008. Earlier this week, The Good Car Guy showed you the way automotive sales broke down in America based on European brands, Asian brands, and the domestics. These are basically the same Numbers, but aligned in a way to show you which brands have strength to build on in the U.S.A. – still the planet’s biggest car market – when the economy turns.

TOTAL SALES = 1,468,540
Lexus: 260,087
BMW: 249,113
Mercedes-Benz: 225,128
Cadillac: 161,159
Acura: 144,504 
Infiniti: 112,989
Lincoln: 107,295
Audi: 87,760 

Volvo: 73,102
Porsche: 26,035
Saab: 21,368


Audi: -6.1%

Mercedes-Benz: -11.2%
Infiniti: -11%
BMW: -15.2%
Lincoln: -18.4%
Acura -19.8%
Lexus: -21%
Cadillac: -24.9%
Porsche: -25%
Volvo: -31.2%
Saab: -34.7%
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