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Leopaard Heijingang (Black King Kong) Sales Figures

Leopaard Heijingang (Black King Kong)

The second generation Mitsubishi Pajero was produced in China by Changfeng, at one point in time a Joint Venture between Mitsubishi, Changfeng Group and GAC. Changfeng has continued production and sales of the SUV under its own brand, calling it Changfeng Liebao Heijingang (Cheetah/Leopard Black King Kong). After the company had been bought by GAC, the brand name was changed to Leopaard (Liebao is Chinese for Cheetah/Leopard). The Leopaard Heijingang was replaced in 2015 by the Leopaard Q6. Read more about this story and other models that continued production in China after having been retired from their original market.

Leopaard Heijingang  China Sales Data & Charts