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Land Rover LR2 Sales Figures

Land Rover LR2

Here you will find monthly and yearly sales figures for the Land Rover LR2. LR2 sales figures include sales of its predecessor, the Freelander. Rather troublingly, Land Rover’s figures don’t always add up. It’s possible Land Rover only sold 188 LR2s in the U.S. in October 2011 as the year-to-date figure does not match the totalled monthly figures. Simple math clarifies the fact that, unfortunately, the monthly Canadian data from 2012 does not add up to the year end total.

The Land Rover LR2/Freelander 2 was a crucial vehicle for Land Rover during its production period, providing an accessible entry point into the brand’s lineup. While it had its set of challenges, the model showcased Land Rover’s commitment to blending luxury, technology, and off-road capability in a compact SUV format. The lessons learned from the LR2 played a role in shaping the successors that followed, enhancing the brand’s offerings in the competitive luxury SUV market.

Land Rover LR2 Overview

The Land Rover LR2, also known as the Freelander 2 in markets outside North America, is a compact luxury SUV produced by British manufacturer Land Rover. Introduced in 2006, it represented the second generation of the Freelander lineup, replacing the original Freelander that had been in production since 1997.

Before the LR2, the original Freelander was Land Rover’s attempt to tap into the growing market for compact SUVs. While it brought many new buyers to the brand, the first-gen Freelander faced criticism for its reliability issues. Addressing the concerns from the first generation, the LR2 was a substantial improvement in terms of build quality, refinement, and capability. It was larger and more luxurious than its predecessor, aiming to offer a taste of the premium Land Rover experience in a more compact package.

In keeping with the Land Rover heritage, the LR2 was equipped with advanced off-road technology such as the Terrain Response system, which adjusted various vehicle settings to optimize performance on different surfaces like mud, sand, or snow. he LR2 occupied the entry-level position in Land Rover’s lineup for much of its life, positioned below the larger Discovery and Range Rover models. Its compact size was aimed at those who needed urban practicality combined with weekend adventure capability.

The LR2 was generally seen as a significant step up from the original Freelander in terms of quality, capability, and luxury. While the LR2 was an improvement over its predecessor, some owners reported reliability concerns, particularly with electronics and powertrain components. However, it should be noted that this was a broader issue with luxury brands and not exclusive to Land Rover.

The LR2 was succeeded by the Land Rover Discovery Sport in 2014, which took over the role of Land Rover’s entry-level SUV. The Discovery Sport carried forward the compact luxury SUV proposition but with a more modern design, updated technologies, and flexible seating configurations.

Land Rover LR2 Sales Figures

Land Rover LR2 U.S Sales Data & Charts

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2007 9,205
2008 4,316
2009 3,850
2010 3,649
2011 2,831
2012 3,327
2013 3,315
2014 3,619
2015 77
2016 3

US Annual Growth

Land Rover LR2 Canada Sales Data & Charts

Canada Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2012 335
2013 520
2014 655
2015 80

Canada Annual Growth

Land Rover LR2 Europe Sales Data & Charts

Europe Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
1997 529
1998 36,970
1999 57,216
2000 58,549
2001 53,366
2002 48,535
2003 42,475
2004 46,055
2005 36,819
2006 25,642
2007 40,836
2008 28,461
2009 23,765
2010 29,350
2011 24,123
2012 18,407
2013 21,224
2014 16,983
2015 346
2016 29
2017 2
2018 3

Europe Annual Growth