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JMC Yusheng Sales Figures

JMC Yusheng Sales Data & Trends

Jiangling sells two versions of the Yusheng in China, but did not specify sales figures of the models until March 2017. The JMC Yusheng has been renamed Yusheng S350 in 2013 and was redesigned in 2016 (pictured above). JMC also introduced the smaller Yusheng S330 (pictured below) in September 2016, which explains the sudden increase in sales in Q4 of 2016. Sales figures from March 2017 and later can also be found at each version’s own page.

JMC Yusheng China Sales Data & Charts

Year Sales
2012 2022
2013 14289
2014 26855
2015 19655
2016 40012
2017 35486
2018 7986