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Hyundai Celesta Sales Figures

Hyundai Celesta Sales Data & Trends

These statistics only include sales data of the Celesta sedan and exclude sales of the Hyundai Celesta RV station wagon, which are published separately.

The Celesta is an updated version of the Elantra Yuedong (a fourth generation Elantra, first launched in 2006), which is also still sold in China, alongside the Elantra Langdon (fifth generation) and the latest generation called Elantra Lingdong. The Celesta was launched in 2017 and sits on the same platform as the Yuedong. They didn’t even bother to give it a new name in Chinese: Xin Yuedong (New Yuedong). Giving an old platform a modern body and a new name in China isn’t entirely exclusive to Hyundai, as Ford (Escort) and Chevrolet (Cavalier) have done the same. However, the Celesta is powered by an ancient 1.6-liter with 122hp/150Nm, mated to a surprisingly modern 6MT or a 6AT. Apart from those transmissions, this is ancient technology in modern sheetmetal. Dimensions are 4.510/1.765/1.470mm with a 2.650mm wheelbase.

Prices range from 79.900 yuan to 115.900 yuan (€10.300,- / US$11,600 to €15.000 / US$16.800), on par with rival Chevrolet Cavalier (79.900 yuan) and Geely Emgrand GL (69.800 yuan), but below the Ford Escort (96.800 yuan).

Hyundai Celesta China Sales Data & Charts

Year Sales Units
2017 20,702
2018 75,122
2019 98,052
2020 66,259
2021 31,996
2022 27,874