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Honda CRX Sales Figures

Honda CRX

The CRX was replaced in 1992 by the Honda Civic Del Sol, later renamed Honda Del Sol. That model was discontinued in 1997 without a direct replacement. The 2010 hybrid coupe Honda CR-Z is considered to be its spiritual successor.

Honda CRX Overview

The Honda CRX (known as the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X in Japan) was a compact, sporty front-wheel-drive car produced by Honda. Launched in the 1980s, it quickly gained a reputation for its lively performance, excellent fuel efficiency, and sporty design. Introduced in 1983 it was produced through 1991, spanning two generations.

The CRX was built on the same platform as the Honda Civic, sharing many components but presenting a sportier and more compact design. It was a 3-door hatchback with a sloping rear design, contributing to its unique profile. Over its production run, the CRX was offered with a variety of engines, ranging from efficient SOHC units to sporty DOHC versions. The DOHC VTEC-equipped SiR model (in the second generation) was particularly renowned for its performance.

The CRX was aimed at drivers seeking a sporty driving experience without the high costs typically associated with performance cars. Its mix of performance, efficiency, and affordability was its key selling point. The car was widely praised for its driving dynamics, efficiency, and design. It was especially popular among enthusiasts who appreciated its modifiability and tuning potential.

Honda CRX Sales Figures

The CRX has left a lasting legacy and remains a beloved model among Honda enthusiasts. Its mix of lightweight design, engaging driving characteristics, and reliability makes it a sought-after classic in the used car market.

Honda CRX China Sales Data & Charts

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
1984 48,445
1985 57,486
1986 66,629
1987 48,142
1988 51,784
1989 39,048
1990 40,650
1991 26,975

US Annual Growth