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Geneva 2016: Top 5 concept cars

#5 Abarth 124 Spider Rally

Why is it here? This was not a great show for concept cars, but the rally version of the already-lovable 124 Spider did just enough to make me smile, looking back to the day when rally cars were all rear-wheel-drive, light and insanely hard to snowy Monte Carlo.

#4 Rimac Concept S

Why is it here? I’m a big fan of the electric supercar Rimac Concept_One, revealed in production form in Geneva, so clearly a 300hp-richer, 50kg-lighter version can’t be bad. That at 5.6s it is faster the 200km/h than the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera only adds to the spice.

#3 Opel GT

Why is it here? Because it shows that Opel could challenge the Mazda MX-5 with this compact, light, RWD mini-coupe. The chances that they will are minuscule, of course, after the disaster that was the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky/Opel GT, but hey – at least it’ll keep Mazda’s engineers from becoming complacent!

#2 Skoda VisionS SUV

Why is it here? Skoda has long been climbing up the greasy pole that is VAG’s brand hierarchy, and this concept proves that it’s ready for another leap forward. Managing to look both aggressive, elegant and family-friendly at the same time, the VisionS combines looks of the Range Rover Evoque with practicality that betters the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

#1 Techrules Turbine AT96 TREV

Why is it here? For all I know the company’s claims of a 1000hp, 2000km+ range and 2.5s to 100km/h are completely made up. Still, there is no denying the AT96 makes for one hell of a concept, complete with gorgeous looks and a drivetrain that sounds a lot like what Jaguar originally wanted for, but failed to deliver, its C-X75 supercar.