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It’s the equivalent of Honda deciding that, yes, the Accord ought to be available with a V8. Now. In 2009.

Aston Martin realizes that the reinvigorated V8 in the V8 Vantage isn’t up to snuff for all potential Vantage customers. Those same customers apparently already have or aren’t satisified by a DB9. What’s on tap, then? How about stuffing the 510 horsepower/420 lb-ft of torque 6.0L V12 from the bigger cars into their smallest car?
There’ll only be 1,000 such V12 Vantages produced. What you see in the V8 Vantage is basically what you get, except for “the internal front structure has been extensively revised forward of the suspension towers to house the larger engine, brake cooling system, and twin air intake system”, says Aston.
By saving 50 kilograms elsewhere on the car, the addition of the larger engine adds just 50 kg to the weight of the Aston Martin. Excpect go-faster critics to love this car. Keep in mind, faster doesn’t always equal better. Balance is key. We shall see. Check out all eight early pictures of the production 2010 Aston Martin V12 Vantage below.