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Frankfurt report: Part I

With the Frankfurt auto show in full swing, we bring you the latest on the new models, starting with the VW Group:


Porsche Mission E – a gorgeous quasi-4-door that owes more to the iconic 959 than it does to the Portly Panamera. While the looks are unlikely to ever make production (tiny 4-doors don’t sell, just ask Aston Martin), the electric powertrain it previews sounds like it could give the Tesla Model S a run for its money. Verdict: HIT (so much so I had to include a second picture)


Audi E-tron Quattro Concept – after the Porsche Mission E Audi’s electric car statement looks rather ordinary by comparison. And that is a huge problem – more than the technology this is meant to preview the sleek style of the Q6, but do you really want one? You know, the way you wanted the Audi Avantissimo when they showed it back in ? Didn’t think so…

Verdict: MISS


Seat Cross Sport – many people will complain that this is the laziest concept of them all, but I actually love it. To me this is the car that the Range Rover Evoque wants us to think it is – semi-rugged, 4wd, great performance from 280HP+. What’s not to like?

Verdict: HIT


VW Tiguan – given that this car was never going to break any stylistic records the end product is rather handsome, with sharp lines and a more powerful version of the VW grille that manages to avoid being gauche like the Audi E-Tron Quattro’s face. Squint and you’ll see shades of the Mk II BMW X5 in the rear 3/4s.

Verdict: HIT


Lamborghini Huracan Spyder – at a time when we were worried that Lamborghini was going all soft and predictable it went out and gave us the Huracan Spyder… and now we know for sure it’s gone soft and predictable. Sure, it looks as good as a open version of the Huracan was always going to look, but where is the surprise, where is the drama?

Verdict: MISS


Bugatti Vision Gran Tourisimo – what are the first words that come to your mind when you hear “Bugatti”? Ridiculously expensive? Ridiculously fast? Well, the Vision Gran Tourisimo has both in spades. Pity it forgot the third, arguably most important part – Bugattis are meant to be elegant, and not look like overdrawn Hot Wheel cars…

Verdict: MISS


Bentley Bentayga – Bentley really had an easy job styling this one – make it look better than the ghastly EXF9 concept and the ungainly Q7 donor car. Well, they succeeded, but only barely… this is really not good enough! Sure, they will still sell boatloads of these, but come on – this could have been special, and instead we get a generic rehash of 15-year-old design cues on a whale-sized SUV…

Verdict: MISS