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Ferrari 458 Italia Sales Figures

Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia was introduced late 2009 as a replacement to the Ferrari F430. In its turn, the 458 Italia was replaced in 2015 by the Ferrari 488. Continuing the stepwise evolution of Ferrari’s mid-engine supercar, the 458 introduces several key features into the model range including a 570 bhp direct injection engine and a dual-clutch 7-speed transmission. Furthermore, the shape of the car has been heavily reworked by Pininfarina including an elegant new interior. Many of the new elements of the 458’s body are dictated by aerodynamics. This is particularly true of the front grill which has aeroelastic winglets that bend at speed to increase airflow under the car. This eventually reaches the rear diffuser which can produce 794 lbs of downforce at top speed split 41/59% over the wheels. Air apertures in the C-pillar direct air towards the engine and vents above the rear diffuser help the twin transmission radiators cool. The final element is a small intake and exit that are located around the front headlights to reduce drag.

Ferrari 458 Italia Europe Sales Data & Charts