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Dodge Shadow Sales Figures

Dodge Shadow

Launched in 1986, the Shadow replaced the Dodge Omni and Charger, the former of which continued to be produced until 1990. In its turn, the Shadow was replaced by the Dodge Neon in 1994.

Dodge Shadow Overview

The Dodge Shadow was a compact car introduced by Chrysler in the mid-1980s. Serving as a replacement for the Dodge Omni, it aimed to offer a more modern and versatile vehicle for the compact segment. The Dodge Shadow was introduced in 1986 for the 1987 model year. The car remained in production through 1994.

The Shadow was based on the P-body platform, which it shared with its sibling, the Plymouth Sundance. The Dodge Shadow was primarily available as a three-door and five-door hatchback, although it resembled a sedan. Its hatchback design allowed for more versatile cargo space. Over its production span, the Shadow was offered with a range of engines, from a 2.2-liter inline-four to a 3.0-liter V6. There were also turbocharged variants of the 2.2-liter and 2.5-liter engines available. Both manual and automatic transmissions were available, depending on the model and year.

The Dodge Shadow was succeeded by the Dodge Neon in 1995, which moved to a sedan/coupe body style instead of the hatchback configuration of the Shadow. Today, the Shadow is remembered as a representative compact car of the late ’80s and early ’90s, encapsulating the design trends and consumer priorities of that era.

Dodge Shadow Sales Figures

The Shadow sold relatively well during its production run, benefitting from its versatility and range of options catering to different buyer needs.

Dodge Shadow U.S Sales Data & Charts

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
1986 20,140
1987 77,086
1988 91,090
1989 82,953
1990 73,384
1991 77,191
1992 87,074
1993 119,262
1994 49,366

US Annual Growth