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Detroit 2016: Top 5

1.  Chrysler Pacifica

A huge return to form for Chrysler, not only in terms of styling but in terms of innovation: it’s the world’s first plug-in minivan. Looks good enough to lure some people away from their family SUVs.

2.   Lexus LC500

An amazingly aggressive yet gorgeously proportioned coupe from Lexus, a brand not exactly known for beautiful design. Shows that if you’re committed enough you can turn an awesome concept car into a no less attractive production model. Subaru, take notice!

3.   Chevrolet Bolt

Another production car that sticks very closely to the concept that proceeded it, the Bolt is even more impressive for its 200+HP engine and 200+ miles range.

4.   Buick Avista

A bittersweet entry, as I know that this gorgeous concept RWD coupe from Buick will never make production, as the brand has other (more profitable) priorities. It’s even sadder when you think this is roughly what a Cadillac ATS coupe should have looked like.

5.   Volvo S90

While Volvo showed this car off over a month before Detroit, it made its auto show debut there and still merits to make it onto this list. Cements Volvo as the luxury brand the German Trio should be most afraid of, and our readers have high expectations for how well it’ll do on the market.

Honorable mentions

1.    Kia Telluride

It may rip off a few luxury cars, from its Bentley EXF9 Falcon proportions to its Rolls-Royce headlamps, but the Telluride is a nice statement of intent from a company that wants to reenter the large SUV segment. Would also form a nice basis for Genesis luxury SUV.


2.    GMC Acadia

700 pounds. That’s how much lighter the new Acadia promises to be compared to its (admittedly lardy) predecessor. That it looks much better than the Ford Explorer and arguably even the Dodge Durango only adds to its allure.