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Citroën C4L Sales Figures

Citroën C4L

The C4 L is a more premium model, with slightly larger dimensions (4.62 m x 1.78 m x 1.5 m) and a design characterized by sculptural lines, a large chrome-finished grille, front and rear light signatures, and a convex rear window inspired by those on the Citroën C5 and C6. Focused on traveling comfort, the C4L features generous rear leg room, thanks to the longest wheelbase in the segment (at 2.71 m, rear seats with wraparound bases, 29° tilting seat backs and, depending on the country, “comfort” head rests. The lounge-like atmosphere also benefits from an air-quality management system with air ionizer and optimized soundproofing. It sold mainly in the Russian and Chinese markets.

Citroën C4L China Sales Data & Charts