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Chrysler New Yorker Sales Figures

Chrysler New Yorker

The New Yorker was replaced by the Chrysler LHS in 1994. The Chrysler New Yorker is one of Chrysler’s most storied and enduring nameplates, representing luxury and innovation during various periods in automotive history. With a lineage that spans over six decades, the New Yorker was a symbol of prestige in the Chrysler lineup.

Chrysler New Yorker Overview

In line with industry trends, the New Yorker transitioned to a front-wheel-drive platform in the 1980s. The “Fifth Avenue” edition of the New Yorker, introduced in the early ’80s, represented an even higher level of luxury and became a sub-model in its own right for a period. By the 1990s, the New Yorker had seen multiple redesigns, each time adjusting to market demands and technological advancements. The model name was eventually phased out in 1996.

The Chrysler New Yorker is remembered as one of the brand’s flagship luxury vehicles. Over the years, it has represented American automotive luxury, adapting to the changing dynamics of design, technology, and market demands. While the New Yorker nameplate was retired in the mid-1990s, its spirit of luxury and innovation was inherited by subsequent Chrysler models.

Chrysler New Yorker Sales Figures

Chrysler New Yorker US Sales Data & Charts

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
1981 5,714
1982 62,844
1983 50,091
1984 53,698
1985 56,166
1986 58,445
1987 59,060
1988 98,172
1989 73,667
1990 39,252
1991 16,180
1992 19,761
1993 51,217
1994 29,340
1995 16,785

US Annual Growth