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Chrysler Cordoba Sales Figures

Chrysler Cordoba

The Chrysler Cordoba was a personal luxury coupe produced by Chrysler in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It’s most famously associated with its advertising campaign featuring the actor Ricardo Montalbán, who emphasized its “rich Corinthian leather” interior – a phrase that has since entered the annals of pop culture. The Cordoba was replaced in 1983 by the Chrysler Laser. While not as remembered as some other vehicles from its era, the Chrysler Cordoba holds a unique place in automotive history. The combination of its distinctive style and the memorable advertising campaign with Ricardo Montalbán ensures it’s still recalled fondly by many enthusiasts of cars from the 1970s and early 1980s.

Chrysler Cordoba Overview

The Cordoba was introduced in 1975 as Chrysler’s first foray into the personal luxury car market, which had been dominated by models like the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Thunderbird, and the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. The Cordoba was characterized by its long hood, short rear deck, and a distinctive front grille. It was designed to exude luxury and sophistication, targeting buyers looking for a stylish and somewhat upscale coupe.

Throughout its lifespan, the Cordoba had a range of engine options, typically V8s, starting with a 5.9L V8 as the standard. However, due to the fuel crisis and emissions regulations, smaller V8s and even a V6 option became available in later years. One of the Cordoba’s major selling points was its luxurious interior, which was notably promoted for its “rich Corinthian leather.” While the term “Corinthian leather” was largely a marketing invention, it helped position the Cordoba as a car of elegance and comfort.

In 1980, the Cordoba was redesigned for its second generation. This version was notably smaller, reflecting the broader trend in the automotive industry towards downsizing. It shared its platform with the Dodge Mirada and the Imperial.

The Cordoba was discontinued after the 1983 model year. By that time, the personal luxury car market had started to wane, with consumers shifting towards smaller, more efficient cars or turning to emerging SUVs.

 Chrysler Cordoba U.S Sales Data & Charts

The Chrysler Cordoba reflects the tastes and market conditions of its era, representing American automotive luxury at a time of transition, marked by the challenges of the oil crisis and changing consumer preferences.

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
1980 44,908
1981 23,904
1982 15,828
1983 10,291
1984 124

US Annual Growth