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Chery eQ1 Sales Figures

Chery eQ1

The Chery eQ1 is an all-electric car that is manufactured by the NEV division of Chinese manufacturer Chery. The body color of “sweet pink”, the interior matched color of “dreamlike blue”, and the trim panels with metalized wiredrawing texture are added for the EQ1 sweet-pink model. In the meantime, the 10 inches high-definition LCD and AI voice interaction are also provided. In addition to the nimble two-door four-seat vehicle body, this model is also equipped with the latest upgraded 55kw high-power motor, realizing the acceleration time ≤5 s from 1 km/h to 50 km/h and the highest speed of 120 km per hour. NEDC endurance has two kinds of configurations: 301 km and 408 km, which provides more travelling choices. At the same time, three charging ways available ensure a free-from-worries continuation of the journey. In terms of safety, the model is designed with the full-aluminum body as the unique among the vehicles of the same level, the advanced “three electrics” technology, and the rich active and positive safety security configurations to ensure the safe and sound travel of users.

Thanks to the technical advantages of Chery, EQ1 has become a “full-aluminum pure electric vehicle” integrating fashion, safety and intelligence, and also the benchmark in the market segment of Chinese new energy vehicles. At present, Chery is aiming at entering the global market with its new energy vehicles made by the leading technologies of Chery. It’s truly believed that these vehicles will bring special driving experience for the global consumers.

Chery eQ1 China Sales Data & Charts