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Changan CX30 Sales Figures

Changan CX30

The Changan CX30 is a compact sedan and hatchback produced by Chinese car manufacturer Changan Automobile. It was originally only available as a sedan called the Changan Z-Shine. It was officially launched at the 2008 Beijing Motor Show. The model later received a minor facelift and name change to the CX30. Changan unveiled the CX30 compact hatchback at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. Engines available for the Changan CX30 are a 1.6L 71kw putting out 140nm of torque and a 2.0L 112kw putting out 192nm of torque. The CX30 sedan, listed in January 2011 was based on the CX30 hatchback and positioned slightly above the CX30 hatchback in the market. Price ranges from 66.800 yuan to 106.800 yuan.

Changan CX30 China Sales Data & Charts