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2015 Canada SUV Sales Figures By Model (With Rankings)

Sales Figures & Rankings for SUVs Sold in Canada

2015 Best Selling SUVs In Canada (All Models Ranked)

Canadians bought and leased more new vehicles in calendar year 2015 than at any point in the auto industry’s history. Yet if the sales of SUVs and crossovers are subtracted from the equation, auto sales were actually down 2% compared with 2014. Canadian SUV/crossover sales jumped 13% to nearly 690,000 units in 2015. Nearly half those sales were derived from the ten most popular utility vehicle nameplates.

The Ford Escape ranked first in Canadian SUV/crossover sales in 2015, just as the Escape always does. Yet strangely, Escape sales plunged 9%, a sharp drop given the category’s rapid rise. In other words, the Escape lost market share. Escape volume in 2015 was still far stronger than the volume generated by any other SUV/CUV nameplate – better than all but four vehicles in all – but the Escape’s share of this sector fell from 8.6% in 2014 to 7.0% in 2015.

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