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Buick Excelle GX Wagon Sales Figures

Buick Excelle GX Wagon Sales Data & Trends

An estate car based on the second generation Buick Excelle GT debuted in 2018 called the Buick Excelle GX. The compact wagon rides on the GM-PATAC K platform and boasts a wheelbase measuring in at 2,640 mm (about 104 inches). That enables a roomy rear seat and a trunk volume that can expand to 1,281 liters (45 cubic feet), we’re guessing with the rear seats folded. Buick says that the Excelle GX is great for daily commuting, traveling with friends or family, and carrying cargo and offers much more for those who pursue practicality. These sales figures include sales of the Buick Excelle GX Wagon only and excluce sales of the Buick Excelle GT sedan.

Buick Excelle GX Wagon China Sales Data & Charts