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BAW Beijing Jeep Sales Figures

BAW Beijing Jeep Sales Data & Trends

BAW is the first Chinese manufacturer to succeed in seducing a foreign party. In their case, it is American Motors Corporation, then the owner of the Jeep brand. In May 1983, the contracts are signed and Beijing Jeep Co Ltd is established. BAW has a majority stake of 69%, AMC has the remaining 31%. The Americans have to provide technology and money, the Chinese provide the facilities. As a result, a large part of BAW’s assets are transferred to Beijing Jeep. Beijing Jeep makes the bulk of the BJ212 models, BAW only retains a cheap entry level model and the pickups. Besides the BJ212, Beijing Jeep also brings the Cherokee to the Chinese market. Its four cylinder engine eventually finds its way to the BJ212 as well, albeit not until the late nineties.

BAW Beijing Jeep China Sales Data & Charts

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

Year Sales
2003 8941
2004 543
2005 8387
2006 8170
2007 5007
2008 4526
2009 3657
2010 8255
2011 7756
2012 5278
2013 5281
2014 8465
2015 1048

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