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Audi A2 Sales Figures

The Audi A2

The Audi A2 was a premium subcompact hatchback produced by the German automaker Audi. It was first introduced in 1999 and remained in production until 2005. The A2 was known for its innovative design, lightweight construction, and fuel-efficient engines, making it ahead of its time in terms of efficiency and sustainability. It was one of the early attempts by Audi to explore lightweight materials and alternative powertrains in a production car.

Audi A2 Overview

The Audi A2 holds a special place in Audi’s history as an experimental and forward-thinking model that explored lightweight construction and fuel-efficient technologies. Despite its limited production and relatively short lifespan, the A2 remains an interesting and noteworthy car in the automotive industry.

The Audi A2 was a subcompact hatchback produced by Audi AG from 1999 to 2005. It was the first production car to be built primarily from aluminium, and it was also one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market at the time. The A2 was available with a choice of two engines: a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produced 75 horsepower, and a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produced 102 horsepower. Both engines were mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

The A2 had a top speed of 103 miles per hour for the base engine, and 118 miles per hour for the 1.6-liter engine. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 12.4 seconds for the base engine, and 10.6 seconds for the 1.6-liter engine. The A2’s interior was well-appointed and featured high-quality materials. It was available with a choice of cloth or leather seats, and it could be optioned with a panoramic sunroof. The A2 also came standard with a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Audi’s MMI system.

Audi A2 Sales Data & Trends

While the Audi A2 received positive reviews for its innovative design and fuel efficiency, it faced challenges in terms of pricing and market demand. The car was positioned as a premium offering, and its relatively high price limited its appeal to a broader audience. The A2 was discontinued in 2005 due to low sales and a short-ish production run.

The Audi A2 might not have enjoyed much commercial success, but as a piece of engineering there is much to admire about this aluminium supermini. The Audi A2 was withdrawn from the market in 2006 without a direct successor. It was also brave, brilliant and if you’re thoughtful about design and its functionality, deeply appealing. The A2 was a car years ahead of its time.

Audi A2 Europe Sales Data & Charts

Annual sales figures for the Audi A2 in Europe.

Europe Annual Sales

Europe Annual Growth

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