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Audi 4000 Sales Figures

Audi 4000

The 4000 was called the Audi 80 in other parts of the world. It replaced the Audi Fox in 1979 and in its turn was replaced by the Audi 80/90 in 1988. The two-door version was simply called the Audi Coupe, and of this model Audi made its famous rally car Audi Quattro.

Audi 4000 Overview

The Audi 4000 is a compact executive car produced by the German automaker Audi from the late 1970s to the late 1980s. It was known as the Audi 80 in most other markets outside of North America. The Audi 4000 was essentially the North American version of the Audi 80, which debuted in Europe in the 1970s. The Audi 80/4000 was a critical model for the brand, forming the basis for several other cars, including the first-generation Volkswagen Passat.

The first generation (B1; 1972-1978) was introduced as the Audi 80 in Europe, this generation marked the beginning of Audi’s modern era. It utilized a front-wheel-drive layout and was recognized for its good handling and build quality. The second Generation (B2; 1978-1986) reached North America as the Audi 4000 in both sedan and coupe forms. In the U.S., it was sold as the 4000S and 4000CS (with the “S” and “CS” designating different trim levels). The Quattro all-wheel-drive system, one of Audi’s signature technologies, was also introduced in this generation, though in limited numbers in the North American market.

Throughout its life, the Audi 4000 came with various gasoline engines, including both inline-4 and inline-5 configurations. These engines provided a balance of performance and efficiency, making the 4000 competitive in its segment. The design of the Audi 4000 was typical of German cars of the era: understated, functional, and well-proportioned. Inside, the vehicle was equipped with a range of comfort and convenience features that were competitive for its class and price point.

After the B2 generation, Audi restructured its naming convention. The successor to the Audi 4000 in North America was known as the Audi 90, while the more basic models retained the Audi 80 nameplate in other markets. Eventually, these models evolved into what became the Audi A4 in the mid-1990s, a critical model for the brand.

Audi 4000 Sales Figures

The Audi 4000, and more broadly the Audi 80 series, played a significant role in establishing Audi’s presence in North America and laying the groundwork for the brand’s future success in the region.

Audi 4000 U.S Sales Data & Charts

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
1979 8,282
1980 14,664
1981 18,585
1982 16,364
1983 11,806
1984 19,152
1985 22,246
1986 16,320
1987 11,948
1988 295
1989 42
1990 0

US Annual Growth

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