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America’s Top-Selling Truck & Accessories

The Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling truck for the last 43 years. It’s no surprise that the Ford F-Series also secured the best selling vehicle for the past 36 years straight. So far this year, Ford has sold almost 600,000 F-Series trucks, once again crushing the competition and holding the title for another straight year.

Today, we are taking a look at some of the best accessories for the Ford F-150, whether it’s brand new or new to you.

Bed Liners

Bed liners are very common accessories to install into your truck. Their job is to protect your truck’s bed and prevent it from looking like an eyesore. No matter how careful you are, when carrying cargo in your truck, you are sure to pick up a few dings and scuffs along the way.

As seen below, bed liners come in a variety of types and materials to protect the bed of your truck.

What Types Of Bed Liners Are There?

  • Drop-In Liners – These liners are typically made from plastic or rubber, are easy to install and remove, without a professional. Drop-in liners are usually economical but may not yield the best results when compared to other types of liners.
  • Spray Liners – Spray liners have been a popular option as they are known to be very durable and last for years. Prices and results can vary depending on DIY or professional application. Best results will often be guaranteed when installed by a professional, making it the most durable option.
  • Bed Mats – Bed mats are often made from rubber and also easy to install. This is the most economical option when searching for a bed liner. Though this type of liner only protects the bottom of the truck bed.
  • Drop-In Storage Liners – This option is fairly new but still performs well. Storage liners sit in the bed of the truck, allowing you to put cargo on top. This is an example of Toyota truck bed storage options that can be used for everything from truck camping to construction applications.

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Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are also a great accessory to add to your F-150. Tonneau covers are a covering that goes on top of your truck bed. They can protect from the outside elements and can even provide anti-theft benefits. Covers are typically made from either; vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, or metal.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of tonneau covers and the benefits they provide.

What Types Of Tonneau Covers Are There?

  • Roll-Up Covers – This type of cover is usually made of vinyl, making it the cheapest option. They are placed at the front of the truck bad and roll from front to back, held in place using hook and loop to hold it in place. These covers are also quick and easy to install.
  • Fold-Up Covers – Also known as a “tri-fold” cover, these covers are typically made of strong plastic or other composite material. They are much stronger than a vinyl tonneau cover and can also come with a lock. A great option for added security but a tri-fold does make it difficult to reach items stored in the front of your truck bed. This type can also be removed but are much heavier than a vinyl cover.
  • Hinged Covers – This type is often the most expensive as they are typically made from fiberglass and color-matched to your truck. Usually providing the best security, hinged covers lift up and down, locking into place. Though this option looks best, it will prevent you from fitting items larger than the exact dimensions of your truck bed.

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Floor Liners

Floor liners are an economical accessory that keeps your interior looking brand new. These are not your typical auto store universal floor mats. Floor liners are fitted to your vehicle’s interior giving an exact fit. Unlike floor mats, floor liners will provide protection for the floor and surrounding areas in your vehicle.

What Types Of Floor Liners Are There?

  • Molded Floor Liner – Molded floor liners are often made from compounds such as polyethylene or a rubber-based compound. They provide a waterproof barrier for your trucks interior, preventing water, mud, or other debris from staining your carpet.
  • Custom Luxury Liners – While these liners will give your truck an executive appearance they will not last as long as other liners. Best suited for a vehicle with light use, as the fabrics used will not hold up to the daily wear and tear in comparison to the molded compound liners.

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