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Alfa Romeo Spider Sales Figures

Alfa Romeo Spider

The Spider was the Italian brand’s most popular model in the United States. The first generation was also called the Alfa Romeo Duetto and was made famous for its role in the 1967 movie “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman. The third generation was restyled in 1983 with black rubber bumpers, which were replaced for bumpers in the same color as the car for the fourth generation in 1990. Annual sales figures for the 1966-1994 Alfa Romeo Spider in the US. If you have access to pre-1985 sales figures for the Alfa Romeo Spider or other models, please get in touch!

Alfa Romeo Spider US Sales Data & Charts

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
1985 345
1986 4,596
1987 3,401
1988 2,148
1989 1,857
1990 1,941
1991 1,389
1992 1,102
1993 605
1994 208

US Annual Growth

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