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Acura NSX Sales Figures

U.S & Canada Auto Sales for Acura NSX

Here you will find Canadian and U.S. sales figures for the Acura NSX. Each month we compile Acura NSX model sales data and reports for the major North American markets and analyze it. We look at annual sales figures, cars sold each month and add expert analysis so you can see how Acura NSX model is performing in terms of sales success. If you want more data, we also compile sales data and figures for the entire Acura brand as well as other specific models like Acura MDX Sales FiguresAcura MDX Sales FiguresAcura RDX Sales FiguresAcura RLX Sales FiguresAcura TLX Sales Figures.

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Acura NSX Annual Sales Figures

The Acura NSX is one of our favorite historical cars and is one of the reason this writer is even into cars. The long awaited return of the NSX is finally here and in 2016 we started to see sales of the all new NSX in North American sports car markets. The NSX was always going to be a niche car and it is unclear whether it is meeting Acura’s sales goals with hundreds of units being sold.

Acura NSX US Annual Sales Figures – By Year

This sales table of Acura NSX cars sold in the United States and Canada is helpful in seeing how annual sales stack up for the brand. Note that this table is sortable and that it fees the chart below. You can easily change the chart by filtering and sorting the below table.

Year sold
2011 1
2016 50
2017 49
2018 47
2019 22
2020 25
2021 23
2022 15

Acura NSX Sales Reports – by Month

The recent news is improving for the Acura NSX in terms of sales figures, gaining 10 percent for the month of July as Acura’s gateway sports sedan showed a second consecutive monthly increase. We suspect that discounting and heavy promotion have been the big driver of results here.

Acura NSX U.S Sales Reports – by Month

Acura NSX Canada Sales Reports – by Month


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