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Acura ILX Sales Figures – U.S.

U.S Auto Sales for Acura ILX

Here you will find U.S. sales figures for the Acura ILX. Each month we compile Acura ILX model sales data and reports for the major North American markets and analyze it.

We look at annual sales figures, cars sold each month and add expert analysis so you can see how Acura ILX model is performing in terms of sales success.

Year sold
2012 12,251
2013 20,430
2014 17,854
2015 18,531
2016 14,597
2017 11,757
2018 11,273
2019 14,685
2020 13,414
2021 13,900
2022 6,296
2023 1

Our Take On Acura ILX Sales Numbers

The Acura ILX is what Acura calls a gateway model that gets new millennial buyers into the Acura brand. It makes up about 7% of Acura sales. Unfortunately for Acura things aren’t going well in terms of ILX sales results. It ranks towards the bottom of sales in the luxury small car category.

Pricing isn’t the issue as the Acura ILX is at the lower end of the market in the U.S at a base price of $27,990 (almost $8,000 below the luxury small car average) and the only sub $30,000 choice for buyers in this market. It just hasn’t found market fit amongst buyers. Many prospective buyers we spoke to commented on the low-grade materials and lack of features compared to the others in the market. They said they would rather see a slightly higher price and better overall quality materials and technology. It seems that the Acura ILX hasn’t taken it to the next level like other offerings in the small car segment, leaving the Acura ILX behind as the sales data shows.

The recent news is improving for the Acura ILX in terms of sales figures, gaining 10 percent for the month of July as Acura’s gateway sports sedan showed a second consecutive monthly increase. We suspect that discounting and heavy promotion have been the big driver of results here.

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