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2022 China Auto Sales Figures – By Manufacturer (Automaker Rankings)

2022 China Automotive Sales by Automaker – The Best-Selling Automotive Manufacturers By Sales Volume

The Chinese auto market in 2022 was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and supply chain disruptions. However, the market grew by 2.1% from 2021, to 26.86 million units. Volkswagen Group remained the best-selling automotive manufacturer in China in 2022, with sales of over 3.3 million vehicles. Toyota Motor Corporation was in second place, with sales of over 1.8 million vehicles. BYD Auto was in third place, with sales of over 1.7 million vehicles.

The strong performance of BYD Auto is noteworthy. BYD Auto is a Chinese automaker that specializes in electric vehicles. BYD Auto’s sales increased by over 150% in 2022, as the demand for electric vehicles continued to grow in China. BYD Auto is now the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in China. The Chinese auto market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, but at a slower pace than in recent years. The government is still investing heavily in infrastructure and transportation, but there are some concerns about the sustainability of the market’s growth.

2022 Best Selling Automakers in China

This data table looks at total automotive brand volumes in China. We compare China automotive brand sales with last year. While we call it “year to date” sales, because the year is over, it is for the full sales year. With these sales numbers we also calculate a growth rate column so you can better gauge an individual automotive brands  sales success in the Chinese market.

2022 Automaker Market Share Dynamics in China

This chart looks at total automotive sales and specific brand volumes in China. It is a good visual representation of how volumes and market share play out for specific brands.

2022 vs 2021 Automaker Sales Comparison for China

This chart simply takes each brand and compares their year to sales from the year before. Brands where the current bar is lower than the prior year bar have seen declines in sales year on year whereas brands with a larger current bar and lower prior bar are seeing growth in volumes year on year.

2022 Automaker Sales Growth Analysis for China

This chart might seem a little complicated at first but once you understand it is very helpful. First, the size of the area for each brand refers to their market share (i.e size). The bigger the circle the larger the brand in terms of sales volumes. The position of the circle in the chart along the left axis looks at the year to date growth of that brand. The higher the brand is on the chart, the more year to date growth it is seeing in sales volumes. Along the bottom axis you can see the total volumes shipped by that brand year to date.