Top 10 Best-Selling SUVs In America - 2003 Year End

2003 Ford Expedition
Although Ford Explorer sales decreased in 2003 and Chevrolet TrailBlazer sales increased, the swings weren't nearly enough for the Chevy to unseat the Ford as America's best-selling SUV. Ford also made the fifth and sixth-ranked utility vehicles, the Expedition and Escape. 

Three of America's nine top-selling SUVs in 2003 were full-size, truck-based sport-utility vehicles. Besides the Tahoe and Yukon, General Motors also sold 86,238 Yukons and 70,887 Yukon XLs; Ford sold 26,259 Excursions. Nissan sold its first 6609 Pathfinder Armadas and Toyota Sequoia sales totalled 67,067 units.

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But smaller utility vehicles were climbing the charts. Honda's eighth-ranked CR-V remained steady in the eighth position it held one year earlier, but sales were up. Ford's Escape, meanwhile, ascended from the ninth position in 2002 to become the sixth-best-selling SUV in 2006.

Best-Selling SUV/Crossover

Ford Explorer
Chevrolet TrailBlazer
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Chevrolet Tahoe
Ford Expedition
Ford Escape
Jeep Liberty
Honda CR-V
Chevrolet Suburban
GMC Envoy
Source: Automakers & ANDC

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